Why Methylation Matters

Methylation pathways in the body are required for detoxification, antioxidant production, neurotransmitter regulation, DNA expression, immune response, and many other functions. Methylation mutations, by disrupting normal methylation pathways, often contribute to physical and/or psychological health problems. These mutations are quite common in the population and just about everyone has at least one. You can easily find out which mutations you have through genetic testing and methylation analysis. With the knowledge gained from methylation analysis, you will be able make targeted lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of disease and improve your health.

How to Get Started

Genetic testing and methylation analysis requires just two steps:

1. Order a DNA test kit from
23andMe ($99). The test involves spitting in a small tube to collect a DNA sample and mailing it back for analysis. In addition to providing the data for methylation analysis, 23andMe generates a personalized genetic report that contains a wealth health and ancestry information.

2. Once you receive your results from 23andMe, go to
Genetic Genie for methylation analysis (free). You will simply upload your 23andMe data, and Genetic Genie will extract the methylation mutation data to generate your methylation analysis report.

Interpreting Your Results

Your methylation analysis report will indicate which methylation mutations you have and whether you are heterozygous (+/-) or homozygous (+/+) for the mutation. Heterozygous means you have one good copy of the gene and one mutation, while homozygous means you have two mutated genes. Both types of mutations can cause detrimental health effects, but homozygous mutations present the highest risk. Use the protocols listed below to make appropriate health choices based on your results.

Methylation Mutation Protocols





More protocols coming soon…

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